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      LX Electrical Accessories:
      Electrical and Electronic Components

      LX Electrical Accessories, a Quality Assured Company conforming to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000, is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Electrical and Electronic components with a line of electrical terminals and connectors to suit a diverse range of applications.

      The company manufactures components for the electrical and electronics industries supplying products used in telecommunications, automotive, white goods, lighting, power, electric motors and switchgear.

      LX Electrical Accessories supplies precision stamped metal products utilizing a wide range of materials such as Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, and Nickel Silver in natural finishes or plated, available in both single and continuous form.

      LX Terminal Blocks are made from heat stabilized, flame retardant (Halogen free) 'AKULON K222-KGV4/X' using quick connect terminals.

      To obtain our LX Electrical Accessories catalogue (1.3MB), either download it or please follow the Free Information Pack link below to request further information. You can also contact us using the details on our contact page.

      'Proudly Australian'


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