Quick - what's the first place you think of in Georgia?  Atlanta right?  Well, there are plenty of really good Atlanta Web sites, so I'll leave Atlanta to them and tell you about another part of Georgia.
Callaway Gardens is located about 70 miles southwest of Atlanta, off Interstate 85.  Originally developed in the 1940s, the Callaway family wanted to create an environment that was not fully dependent upon the cotton crop, which depleted the soil and eventually empoverished the local farmers.  Today, Callaway Gardens encoumpases approximately 20,000 acres, including a lake, popular for summertime family outings, 2 golf courses, and a variety of other amenities.

We went to see the springtime bloom of the azaleas.

Azaleas and Dogwoods... The originl azaleas were planted in a remote part of the property in 1944. Original Azalea plantings...
Today, these same plants, along with the flowering Dogwood trees, announce the arrival of spring in the Georgia pine forest.

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