Idaho Idaho / Continental Divide signs We had touched Idaho on our way up to Jackson Hole and now we were entering again by way of West Yellowstone, Montana.  Always interesting, the Continental Divide is the point where all the rivers on the east side of the Divide flow to the Atlantic Ocean and all rivers on the west side flow to the Pacific Ocean.  In Canada, it's called the Great Divide - just like in the song by The Eagles.
We were in the eastern most part of Idaho, traveling south.  We continued to be amazed at the wide open spaces of the American west.  Unlike the arid plains of northwest Utah and southwest Wyoming, the eastern part of Idaho supported a variety of ranches and farms.  We again came across cowboys moving their cattle to lower pastures for the winter.  In other areas, we could see the potato farms and smell the freshly harvested potatoes as we drove down the highway.  A little further south, we came across grain farms so large we couldn't see the farmhouse.  Such was the case in the lower right picture, which also happens to look on the western face of the Grand Teton Range.
Idaho cattle drive           From Idaho - back side of the Tetons 
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