Grand Teton
September 26, 1998
Mt. Moran, Grand Teton National Park, reflected in the Snake River The date is September 26, 1998, and for the next eight days we will be making our third trip to the west.  In 1994 it was Colorado and 1997 found us in the Canadian Rockies. 
This year, we have come to see the majesty of two of America's great National Parks: Grand Teton and Yellowstone.  Both parks are located in northwest Wyoming and as we travel, our meanderings will take us through portions of four of the western United States: Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.  Actually, small portions of Yellowstone are in Montana and Idaho but the vast majority of America's oldest National Park is in Wyoming.

This year, Elaine's mother, Ruth Ebbing will be joining us on our travels.  The plans call for Elaine and Chuck to depart Jacksonville, Florida and fly to Salt Lake City, Utah (via Dallas), arriving about 11:30 Mountain Time.  Ruth will be flying out of Buffalo, New York, to Chicago and on to Salt Lake City, arriving about 11:50 A.M., Mountain Time, so if all goes well, Elaine will meet her mom at the gate while Chuck picks up the rental car.

Well, all went according to plan and to our delight, the weather which greeted us was great and held for the week, making for some great pictures and a very enjoyable vacation.

Our plans called for us to drive from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for our first base of operations.  However, that's about a 3 to 4 hour drive and after an early morning departure and five hours of flying, and a two time zone adjustment, we thought it best to stay the night in Salt Lake City and get a fresh start on Sunday morning.

Well, enough background - are you ready?  Let's go…

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This site has photos from Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.  You can select those states individually, or browse through the whole trip.  Enjoy.