May 2001

    It was May 25, 2001, and Jim and I were off on another trip, this time, a raft trip on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  First, we needed to get from the east coast to the Grand Canyon.  We were to meet our trip guide on the evening of Saturday, May 26, in Flagstaff, Arizona.  However, we were flying on Friday to Phoenix, with the intention of playing some golf and 
then driving to Flagstaff the next day.  As we approached Phoenix, the pilot gave the usual welcome, followed by the announcement that the temperature was 102 degrees (but it's a dry hell).
    Golf was sounding less attractive, and after we got in the rental car, Jim suggested rather than play golf in the heat, "let's drive to Las Vegas for the night."  It was about 2PM local time and we were on our way.
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