May 2001
    Welcome to New Mexico.  Well, if you've been following this trip, you know that Jim and I started in Phoenix, drove to Las Vegas, then to Flagstaff, Arizona, and took a raft trip down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.  Jim had to return to work, so now I'm on my own, traveling thru Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.
    This was an opportunity to visit New Mexico for the first time.  I have to admit, I would like to visit in a meaningful way, all 50 states, so this is an opportunity, as they say, to cross another one off my list.  Technically, I was already in New Mexico - if you count standing with one-half of my foot in New Mexico while at Four Corners - but that's for cheaters.  My travels in New Mexico will take me from northwest New Mexico east, then north into Colorado, then back down into north central New Mexico, southeast to Taos, then southwest through the state capital with my homeward flight out of Albuquerque.
   Now, as a quick aside, I'm from Florida, and some folks think it is difficult to spell the state capital, Tallahassee - how many l's, s's, a's, and e's.  Albuquerque is also a difficult city to spell.  So now, here's the test - can you correctly spell the capital of New Mexico?  Click here for the answer.
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